Important patient’s information

What to expect during your consultation?

Your active involvement during your first visit to your surgeon’s office is extremely important for the final outcomes of your procedure and its overall safety. You will be asked to share information regarding your health and daily habits. You will be asked why you want the procedure to take place and what results you expect. It is important that we know any allergies you may have, drug intake, smoking, use of any narcotic substances, prior consultations and surgeries.

Your surgeon will evaluate your overall health status, perform necessary measurements and take photos for your medical record. You and your surgeon will discuss any specificities related to your surgical intervention and the results you expect; any possible complications and means of follow-up corrections; type of sedation. Detailed information about your procedure will be further available in the Informed Consent Form which will be provided to you.

You will receive detailed instructions what laboratory tests and consultations are needed prior to your surgery; which drug you need to avoid and for how long; what your dietary regime should include, as well as how your routines should change before and on the day of the surgical intervention; where the intervention will take place; if there will be any need for you to be accompanied; what you should expect in the first hours after the surgery; what hygiene and dietary regime you should be following during your post-surgical recovery period; what drug therapy will be prescribed to you.

During your consultation and especially afterwards, you become part of our team; our professionalism and your wishes will build up to help realize a common goal – most satisfactory results in line with your desires and expectations..

Questions you may ask when first meet your plastic surgeon::
  • Am I a good candidate for this procedure?
  • What am I expected to do in order to get best results?
  • Where and how will the procedure be performed?
  • Which surgical technique suits me best?
  • How long would recovery take in my case?
  • Are there any post-surgery complications which could resulting from this procedure?
  • What results can I expect?
  • What long-term expectations can I have about the appearance of my face and body?