Secondary rhinoplasty


Secondary rhinoplasty is an operation that does corrections in the appearance, structure, and function of the previously operated nose. It can reduce or increase the size of the nose, change the shape of the tip, narrow the width of the nostrils, or change the angle between the nose and the upper lip. Secondary rhinoplasty surgery is customized for each patient, depending on his or her needs. Incisions may be made within the nose or concealed in inconspicuous locations of the nose in the open rhinoplasty procedure. In some situations, cartilage grafts, taken from within the nose or from other areas of the body may be recommended in order to help reshape the structure of the nose. The best candidates for this type of surgery are individuals who are looking for improvement, not perfection, in the appearance of their nose underwent nasal surgery with bad or unsatisfactory results. In addition to realistic expectations, good health and psychological stability are important qualities for a patient considering secondary rhinoplasty surgery. This procedure can be performed in conjunction with other surgeries.